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The property owner

I am Massimo Carpini, the wine maker and owner of the wine making farm and company Poderecasanova, this farm is situated in Tuscany in the province of Siena, in the ancient and famous area of Nobile of Montepulciano, this small farm consists of 5.35 Hectars of land East of Montepulciano, towards the village of Acquaviva.
The farming land of my company is situated on gentle hills between 248 meters and 260 meters of altitude, the gradient of the sloping hills is 3%, the composition of the soil is sandy with little clay. At the highest side of the vineyard there is a wood and at the bottom there is the Valley of Chiana.
The vineyard plantation is of type 1.80 by 0.80 with a density of 7,000 plants per Hectar, an average age of 8 years, in dry years each vine plant produces less than two glasses of wine and an Hectar of land produces less then 5,000 bottles of wine, the type of vines is called “Prugnolo Gentile” (San Giovese) 80%, 10% colorino, and 10% other kinds of red grapes.
I produce a local wine, the vines are worked upon by using a monolateral device, there is natural grass in between the rows of vines, and in general the vineyard is managed in a modern and professional way, with sufficient mechanization but respecting the quality of the product, I am therefore able to offer you wine with the best ratio price/quality.
This wine is not currently traded in your country apart from a few bottles for private use.
I am looking for distributors interested in selling small quantities, if you are interested in working with me please let me know and I will send you some wine to taste, and even if nothing will come out of it, I will still enjoy your comments on my product so that I can improve it.
Yours Sincerely

For any question or clarification please contact me at

Az. Agr. Podere Casanova
S.S.326 est n.196 - Loc. Acquaviva - Montepulciano (SI)
Tel. / Fax (+39)0578/766099   Cell.:(+39)333/2218185 - 338/5658540

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